Send and receive large files securely, boost productivity

Easily create a workflow to send and receive large files.
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Increase productivity with our Professional plan that lets you send and receive files securely. (Your file recipients and those sending you files won’t even need an account.) Keep your browser closed and use our Outlook Plugin to start new file transfers while others continue in the background. Encourage customers to send files to you securely by sharing a Filebox link with them. Stay up-to-date on file activity as download notification emails arrive the moment a download completes.

Only $8.33/month with annual subscription


Download Notifications

Instantly receive notification email alerts when recipients download a file. Off by default, this option is configurable to alert the first time or each time a file is downloaded.



Securely send large files to multiple recipients. All recipients receive an email with a download link to start the easy file transfer.


Outlook Plugin

Integrate secure file transfers into your email workflow. Rather than sending attachments, the Outlook plugin will automatically insert download links into outgoing email. Stay productive as you move on to newer tasks while file transfers work in the background.