Send Large Files from a Mobile Device

Sending Files from your Phone or Tablet is Easy

Even when you’re away you can still send files securely with your account from SendThisFile.Send Files Mobile It doesn’t matter if you’re iPhone or Android; smart phone or tablet. As long as you have a mobile browser, the functionality is the same. Simply login to your SendThisFile account, select your files and send. There’s no file size limitation and it's always completely secure. We know privacy is critical, even on-the-go. If you need a tool for sending files securely while you’re mobile, look no further! And receiving files from customers who are mobile is easy too. With our Filebox technology, you create a hosted URL and send it to your contacts, they access the link from any browser, including those on mobile phones or tablets. With a few easy clicks on their end, you receive files securely from your mobile customers.

Embed a Custom Filebox on your Mobile Website

If you like Filebox but would rather opt to have that technology customized and embedded on your website, we can do that too. Our team can help you create a mobile optimized filebox that allows you to receive files from website visitors and will look like part of your website.

Easily Send Large Files for Free

Private and secure. No credit card required. No software to install. No email attachments. No file size limits.