It’s Time to Replace FTP


Many companies started using FTP applications before computers had operating systems with graphical user interfaces. They were clunky, very technical and complicated to use. And on top of all that – insecure. With FTP not much has changed!

As an FTP alternative, SendThisFile offers a managed file transfer solution that is secure, fast, and allows you to easily send large files, it can effectively replace FTP.

The web-based service goes beyond FTP with 128-bit TLS encryption on all transfers, including both uploads and downloads. Enterprise Plan subscribers have the option to secure their files with Advanced Encryption Standard (AES) cryptography. When not sending files you get complete file management reporting with send receipts and download logs.

On the other hand, FTP is insecure, complicated, and requires a lot of technical knowledge to use. There are many security issues with FTP including bounce attacks, spoof attacks, brute force attacks, packet sniffing, username protection and port stealing. FTP servers handle usernames and passwords in unencrypted plain text. FTP even uploads and downloads files with no encryption at all. Using FTPS or FTP over SSH is simply like adding security to an already insecure protocol and it often limits who can be sent a file.

Also, FTP users must download from a myriad of FTP software options, and must be regularly updated. Users must also be familiar with technical issues such as port configuration. With FTP there is no way to know who downloaded the file and there is no file logging or reporting. Files on FTP never expire – they just sit out there until they are manually deleted. If you’re using FTP, it’s time to find an FTP alternative.

It’s actually easy to replace FTP. SendThisFile is completely web-based and offers an easy-to-use graphical user interface while automating the technical aspects of sending a large file. There is no software to download or update and there are no cryptic error messages.

For an easy, secure FTP alternative, start your free account today!