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“SendThisFile’s seamless workflow integration yielded a 31% boost in employee efficiency in file transfers, which has increased our responsiveness.”

– Ross Rodgers, Partner


For over 16 years, Ontario-based RadonicRodgers Strategy+ has been providing award-winning Travel and Tourism strategic marketing services to clients across the globe. RadonicRodgers Strategy+ focuses on creating comprehensive branding, marketing programs and campaigns for a broad range of industry clients including tourism boards, attractions, hotels, resorts, tour operators, travel agents, and airlines.

The Challenge

Producing large, comprehensive campaigns results in large media assets and files that must be quickly transmitted, reviewed, reworked as necessary, and resubmitted for client approval. The resulting client process relies on swift turn around times and consistent communication in order to satisfy clients and meet shifting deadlines. Seeking to reduce communication complexity, RadonicRodgers Strategy+ sought a way to enhance company communications with secure digital file delivery externally between customers and employees, and internally between employees, while maintaining customer confidentiality and privacy.

The Solution

SendThisFile staff worked closely with RadonicRodgers Strategy+ to integrate secure file transfer into their workflow. File transfer capabilities were added to the company website for customer use, providing a seamlessly customized experience with the RadonicRodgers Strategy+ company colors and logo, custom input fields to collect customer information (including customer name, company name, and a comment field), and limited user sharing to only a few individuals inside the company. File transfer capabilities were also integrated into internal processes used by RadonicRodgers Strategy+ creatives, allowing for flexible file destination to both internal employees and external clients. SendThisFile service integration was even extended to include RadonicRodgers Strategy + email, so when a customer’s files are ready for download, a file notification is sent through RadonicRodgers Strategy+ email servers.

The Results

Seamless integration with RadonicRodgers Strategy+ systems and employees work flows resulted in a 31% gain in employee file sending and receiving.
RadonicRodgers Strategy+ employees could easily receive large files from clients without special instruction, and flexible file sharing options provided both customers and clients with a guided file transfer experience. Comprehensive customization options allowed RadonicRodgers Strategy+ to craft one-of-a-kind upload forms for individual marketing campaigns, each with a distinct graphical design. SendThisFile’s branded upload forms not only helped to boost productivity between collaborating employees, but the resulting fast external file transfers reduced the review time between RadonicRodgers Strategy+ employees and third-parties. Overall, SendThisFile’s integrated file transfer solution improved employee efficiency by 31%, allowing RadonicRodgers Strategy+ to focus on creating its unique and award-winning marketing campaigns.



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Reduce reliance on inefficient ad- hoc file transfers that complicate client data sharing arrangements.


Leveraged SendThisFile’s secure file transfer solution to integrate customer file upload capability on the company website, customized to match the look of the company brand. Enabled internal employee file transfer with end-to-end encryption for secure file sharing with clients and partners.

Features used

Customized file upload, file tracking, extended storage, customized file notification emails, file notification emails relayed through company email server


Employee efficiency boosted 31% by leveraging seamless website integration, fully tailored to meet security and customization for internal and external use.