“SendThisFile easily replaced our unwieldy FTP setup, allowing 500 employees to securely send large files, while maintaining the data security required for publicly held entities.”

– Ken Giese, Sys Admin


With a fiber network spanning more than 4,100 miles, Enventis provides business data, voice, IP, managed services, equipment and broadband solutions across the upper Midwest.

The Challenge

As a subsidiary of a publicly held company, Enventis must maintain strict adherence to strong data privacy and security standards requirements of a publicly traded company. Sarbanes Oxley has strict guidelines requiring strong internal controls to enforce privacy. FTP had been used, but proved cumbersome to configure and unwieldy to maintain for a large user base. With ever increasing file sizes and the growing need to share data, Enventis needed to increase the communication security and privacy with internal and external entities while maintaining compliance with government regulations.

The Solution

SendThisFile replaced FTP by providing an easy to use and highly secure file transfer process, allowing Enventis employees and their customers to securely send sensitive data. SendThisFile technology integrated seamlessly with the Enventis internal website, only allowing users who have secure access to the Enventis network to send files. All data transfers are protected using end-to-end encryption, utilizing both TLS and 256-bit AES encryption.
To receive files from customers and partners, Enventis used SendThisFile’s embeddable customer-facing form. Once configured to match Enventis branding, it provided a seamless way for Enventis employees to receive files from customers and partners.

The Results

Dramatically increased file sharing, enabling 500 employees to easily and securely share large files in a highly regulated environment.
Enventis leveraged the security of SendThisFile’s 256-bit storage encryption to maintain data privacy and compliance with Sarbanes Oxley regulations. Enventis also enjoyed improved secure document sharing and large file handling both internally and externally with legal counsel, banks, developers, engineering teams, and clients company-wide.







Replace cumbersome FTP while increasing the communication security and privacy with internal and external entities to maintain compliance with Sarbanes Oxley for this publicly help subsidiary.


Implemented SendThisFile encrypted file transfers to enhance employee collaboration, allowing large files sizes to be shared easily and securely.

Features used

Custom upload form with Enventis logo and branding to send large files, highly secure file storage encryption, Enventis branded Filebox to receive large files from external partners without an account.


Enabled 500 employees to easily and securely share files leveraging 256-bit encryption to maintain data privacy.