“In our practice, we are always cognizant of information security, which is why we rely on SendThisFile as a secure means of file transfer in our organization.”

– Farshid Jabbari, Chief Technology Officer


Chalkable, founded in 1982, provides web-based education data management solutions for K-12 public and private schools in the United States.

The Challenge

Given the nature of their business, it is necessary to be able to pass data between multiple parties while maintaining privacy. Chalkable needed a means to transfer data that upheld a high level of security.

The Solution

Using a combination of the SendThisFile Application Program Interface (API), and custom forms, Chalkable was able to create a secure file transfer method to exchange and deliver files for and to customers and various stakeholders. With the SendThisFile API, they can embed the secure file transfer capability within their application to generate and transfer documents to various stakeholders.

These solutions, both the online forms and the API, enable the schools they work with to send and receive files seamlessly and securely without the need to install any special software or manual intervention.

The Results

Since 2006, educational representatives using Chalkable’s application have sent more than 1.5 million secure files. “We have had very good experience with SendThisFile over the years and are pleased with the solution and the level of service”, commented Farshid Jabarri, Chief Technology Officer at Chalkable.





Education Technology


Enable software users to transfer data securely.


The SendThisFile API gives Chalkable the capability to generate and transfer private documents among stakeholders with a high level of encryption.

Features used

Application Program Interface (API) and Custom Upload Forms


More than 1.5 million secure file transfers.