Send Student Records and Large Files Securely

Data security for schools has never been easier

When it comes to file sending for schools and other educational institutions, a high level of oversight is required. Whether a school serves elementary or high school students or those in college, the breadth of information you process, and the amount of access it necessitates, requires a technology partner with both security and ease-of-use as top priority. SendThisFile is a partner in data security for schools, beyond just giving them the ability to send student records securely – we help schools speed up processes, and collaborate, while we safeguard sensitive data in a way that IT departments approve of.

We serve a range of educational institutions, including Ivy League universities, renowned trade colleges, medical schools, and respected state universities, as well as K-12 school districts. In each case, our clients receive full access to our customizable solutions, like integrated upload form technology. Each file share meets compliance guidelines, so they can transfer files like research studies, send educational records, manage enrollment and registration, facilitate delivery of grades and evaluations, send and receive assignments and process payroll. And, of course, we even give schools a way to send very large files, like priceless photos and images.

Not only does SendThisFile meet compliance guidelines, like being HIPAA�configurable for our medical schools, but each institution holds end control over the configuration of its transient data. With a secure infrastructure and industry-leading encryption processes, data is protected in transit and at-rest. When files expire, they are digitally shredded without a trace.

Sound data security for schools is a must. At SendThisFile, we know that means more than sending large files or sending student records securely. We know that means protecting the institution’s educational records, the privacy of students, and managing information. To find out more, contact us at or start a free trial!

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