Send Financial Data Securely

Don’t Rely on Email to Transfer Tax Documents

Time is of the essence when tax season arrives, but industry regulations tell you that it is as important to have a secure way to send and receive tax documents as it is to have one that is fast. With our secure solutions, financial data sharing is both of these!

CPAs across the country use SendThisFile as a way to receive tax documents thanks to our digital Filebox. What’s a Filebox? Easy, it’s a simple, secure webform that allows your clients and customers to easily send financial data to you – they don’t even need a SendThisFile account. Using a Filebox can reduce the lag time when it comes to receiving tax documents from clients, thereby decreasing your turnaround time. Filebox can even be customized and embedded on your site if you like. You can give each client password-protected access to deliver their tax files to you electronically. It’s like having a secure client portal for financial data sharing!

If ease of use, security, and efficiency matter most, your accounting practice can’t afford to be without a financial data sharing tool like SendThisFile. When you consider that our products are customizable to meet all compliance regulations, it’s one of the easiest business decisions you can make. Start your free trial today!

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