Secure File Sharing Services for Energy Providers

Today’s energy and utility companies face many changing regulations, the addition of new energy providers and more volatility in price and stability than ever before. The ability to share information and collaborate with vendors and partners may be more important now than ever before. A file sharing service for an energy provider must be trusted to handle sensitive information, in a way that is both efficient and secure.

Every day, energy providers and utility companies use SendThisFile for its ability to securely send large files. It keeps their businesses operating effectively. More secure than email and without the file size limitations, we provide the highest level of visibility and control over a customizable file transfer product to ensure you’re meeting stringent internal compliance standards. You can trust that your critical data is protected every time.

In this era of security breaches and data leaks, companies must be certain they’re providing an efficient file sharing service, or they open themselves up to the risk that employees will use less secure cloud sharing or even consumer solutions. SendThisFile is a tool that can provide privacy, security and efficiency and that the IT department can have confidence in as well.

The integrity of our file sharing service comes from our 128-bit TLS end-to-end encryption (and 256 bit AES while at rest). Whether sending contracts for negotiation, vendor proposals, shareholder reports, architectural diagrams for new plants, or subsurface geophysical maps, no file is too large for our file sharing technology. And, with our proprietary deletion process, when files expire, they are securely deleted from our system, using multiple passes over the data to make sure it is unrecoverable.

Whether your company’s interests are in oil, gas, nuclear, thermo-electric energy, or an emerging energy technology like solar, wind, smart grid, or biofuels, SendThisFile is the dependable data security and file sharing service that energy leaders trust.

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